Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Doing IT

I promised some explanations. First, some big news. I've decided to go back to school! I'm going to do an accelerated program that will get me a teaching certificate and 3/4 of a Masters degree in 18 months. It is going to be intense! I've been jumping through hoops to get accepted and to register for classes, and I'm happy to say that is all complete. Now the work can begin June 3rd! Sorry Clara, Mommy's first day of class is on your birthday.

I just looked through my phone and I have SO MANY pictures that I haven't gone through. I've been trying to finish making my annual photo book. It takes me hours and hours of work but it is a labor of love. I'm happy to also say that I finished our book for 2015! I can't even begin to think about working on 2016. One victory at a time, I guess! 

I stood by my pledge to lose 10 pounds. 8 melted off pretty quickly but the last two took several frustrating months. Let's get the selfies out of the way.

A bedroom mirror selfie with puzzle pieces scattered around. Pretty typical I must say!

Sometimes I stop to take selfies with geese. There are lots of geese on my running path.

They can be a bit intimidating.

The winter months were tough, especially before Samantha gave me a warm workout outfit for my birthday. 

The trail is solemn but peaceful. I often forgo music to listen to my thoughts.

Just last week I made a new personal record. I can't even believe it!


  1. Looking good, dear! So happy with your decision to go back to will enjoy being a student again :)

  2. Way to go, Rebecca! You look great! And kudos to you for returning to school! You'll be amazing and won't regret that decision.

  3. Outstanding run! Let the countdown to school begins.