Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Day

We started Valentine's Day celebrations with a party at Preschool.

Grace worked hard on cutting out and decorating them all.

I think they turned out pretty cute!

Grace was proud to hand them out. She also wrote everyone's name on the back.

We were presented with these after preschool! She made the hearts out of salt dough.

Proudly modeling my first piece of mom jewelry.

Next we headed to the Kids Art Studio for a Valentine crafting party!

Clara LOVED gluing these hearts on paper. I was moving between the two of them, and every time I came up to her and she would say "it's not done yet!"

The finished product makes me smile so much! It is so great.

Next we had a playdate with Ethan, movie night, and sushi takeout for mom and dad. It was a lovely day!


  1. Love the necklace! I expect to see you wearing that soon ;)

  2. Wow...all of her classmates received a Grace original! It looks like she put a lot of time and thought into each one. How sweet! And I love the necklaces, too!