Saturday, June 6, 2015

Clara's Second Birthday

Clara just had her second birthday!

She received a lot of great presents!  She definitely understood the concept of opening presents this time and was very excited to open the pile that had accumulated.  

We had a dog themed birthday party and did face painting.  Grace refused to let me paint her face but she loved doing her own and our neighbors Oliver and Ashley.

Jacob was a more patient participant.

Clara enjoyed the face paint but refused the dog ears and dog tag.  She also rubbed her eye and got her fist all black, so I had to wash it all off after not too long.

Avery loved the dog ears and was thrilled to take them home!  (Really, what am I going to do with 8 dog ear headbands?)

Grace kept reapplying her make up.  We also decorated doggie bags and gave ourselves animal tattoos.

So proud of her make up work!

Big sis helps to blow out the candles because Clara thought they were "too hot".

Clara took forever to eat her cake but Gini entertained her while she ate.

Happy and tuckered out, clutching her new microphone that plays Frozen songs (thanks a lot, Alisha).  It was a good party, and I loved that Grace had just as much fun celebrating as Clara did!


  1. Happy birthday, Clara! Love the dog themed clever.

  2. These darling party pics take me right back to Caitlin's 6th birthday party when we had the same dog-ear headbands and painted faces. The kids really got into it by giving themselves puppy names, and they barked and yapped around the house the whole time! We had inexpensive plastic dog dishes from which they ate (lapped up, actually) their ice cream and cake. Such a fun party theme! Happy 2nd Birthday, Clara!!

  3. Such a happy birthday girl! We loved helping celebrate today!