Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Finished Pottery Pieces

I thought I would post some pictures of Grace's finished pottery pieces!

Two sweet little cups for Mom and Dad.  We put tea lights in them.

A larger bowl for Clara, though we may be the custodians until she reaches an age of maturity.

This one is supposedly also for Clara, but I want it.  It say "Grace Victoria" or something close to that.  I told Grace that we should put a ribbon through the holes and hang it in the dining room.  She protested and insisted that it needs to go in their room.  Oh well.

I love this action shot of Clara pushing Grace around.  They are quite the duo.

They like to hug and then say, "Mom, take a picture!"  They know what I like!


  1. Grace is quite the little potter! She did such a good job! She must be extremely proud. And the sis pics are so adorable!

  2. Love the pottery! What a talented little artist.

  3. I'll I can say is WOW...Good thing she didn't inherit Grandudes' pottery talent!