Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I Spy Animals in the Backyard

Hello everyone!  We are so happy it is finally spring!

Things are on the crazy side over here.  Work is thick, and Grace is busy too - she will be going to the local high school to throw pottery with her preschool class this week!

Clara LOVES animals.  Here we are, discovering some bunnies, squirrels and birds in the backyard.

Grandma and Grandpa's happy accident of ordering two binoculars is coming in handy.  Of course I can't get a picture of them both looking at the same time.  I think Clara is viewing some very wild window frames.  You'll grow a couple inches soon, little girl!

I have a couple cute videos to share with you.  The first is of Grace reading the Dinosaur book (gifted by the very thoughty Aunt Calleen!) aloud to Clara.  I must apologize for the poor video quality.  They were sitting in a fairly dark room but I didn't want to disrupt the cuteness by turning on the light, so I stuck my hand and camera through the door and crossed my fingers they wouldn't notice!

Did you not get all of that?  I've provided a transcript below.

Here is another dinosaur that flies.  Clara, do you know this?


No, not dragon...

Dubdub.  Dibdib.

It IS dibdib!  So Clara...


Search of you.. (I don't know this one.)  OH!  How they chew up all their enemies!  So Clara,,,

"Sup Mommy?"  (This is when my camera was discovered, but Grace doesn't seem to care.)

Here is a rang!  (Grace likes to make up words when she doesn't know the right one.  I think she is doing that here.)  So your rang is this dinosaur.  So Clara do you know this dinosaur?


SteeeeeGASAURUS!  It's a stegasaurus.  It's stegasaurus.

This again.

All of,,, All of,,,  This dinosaur is all of their rangs.  (rest made up words?)

*camera battery dies and video ends, but you get the picture!

This next video is an adorable game they play sometimes.  I call it the hugging game.

I hope to get some good pottery wheel pictures.  Be back soon!


  1. Thanks for the transcript.....I needed it :)

  2. Cool binocs! And such cute videos! (Glad they're enjoying the dinosaur book.) And the pottery activity sounds like such a fun opportunity for Grace! (Preschoolers "throwing pottery"...I imagine that could turn into a very literal experience! :D )

  3. The hugging game!! That's the sweetest thing ever!