Sunday, July 6, 2014

13 Months Old!

Clara turned 13 months old 3 days ago!

She is turning into a little girl!

She adores rough housing and playing with her big sister.  Whenever she is upset, I can cheer her up by counting to three and throwing her vigorously onto the couch.  Grace loves playing with her too.  Lately, they have been playing in the tent tunnel.  Sometimes they just look at each other and start giggling like mad!

We have an appointment with an eye doctor for her tear duct that is still blocked, but she is otherwise in great health with steady development.  She has been saying a lot of new words including "cracker," "down," and "again."  She bops when she hears music which Grace never did.  We FINALLY ditched bottles after one day of screaming protest and switched to sippy cups.  She is cruising a ton but not walking yet.  She wiggles away when you are trying to dress her or change her diaper.  I call it "baby wrangling."  She is getting all four eye teeth at once right now.  She has a sense of humor; she loves different forms of peekaboo and poking you from behind when you are sitting in a chair.  She is a pleasure and a happy baby! 


  1. Luv that little girl! Somebody else has a birthday this week too :)