Sunday, May 4, 2014

11 Months Old!

Clara turned 11 months old yesterday!

We are almost there!  She is saying more and more things that sound like words.  She can copy words we say and she also purposefully says some words to communicate.  I think she says several new things:  all done, down, up, this, milk, cheese.  Yes, cheese.  She has started eating a lot more and she loves cheese!  She must be a Tillamook girl at heart!

She is working on her 4th molar.  Crabbiness happens and I end up carrying her around a lot.  I think I've injured my right wrist doing this.  She has gotten quite heavy!

She is very comfortable with kneeling and can do it without holding onto something.

She also stands on one leg a lot.  Just in the last few days, we have seen her stand up completely while bracing on something but I haven't caught that on camera yet!

Cruising and then walking can't be far.  In the meantime, she has a blast walking with Daddy's help.

The other new event is that we purchased a bunk bed for Grace.  She loves her new bed!  Clara models it while playing with a tissue, a favorite pastime of both girls.  It keeps mom swiffering constantly!  We also have the girls sleep together at night now.  Grace has been difficult because she keeps Clara up by talking and playing.  It has been slowly getting better, and we are hopeful that they will get used to it.  We haven't been getting a lot of sleep lately but hopefully we all will soon!

Things are a bit overwhelming at times right now.  Work, auditions, housework, yardwork and meal preparation are daily challenges and stresses, not to mention a broken refrigerator and other little bumps here and there.  Good thing it is worth it for these girls!  We can't wait for the summer!

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  1. The bunk beds are beautiful! Looks like they match the crib. Such fun having them share a room!