Wednesday, March 5, 2014

9 Months Old!

Clara turned 9 months old 2 days ago!

She has nine teeth now, including one molar.  She has been in immense pain while it has been coming in.  She puts her hand in her mouth and winces in agony, and she doesn't nap for very long.  This has made it difficult to get things done in our house because she needs to be held constantly.  I recently googled "one handed recipes"! 

 She is still happy when we are able to distract her from her pain!  She loves being tossed in the air and games that involve running around the house, but those are quite exhausting.

She hasn't figured out how to crawl yet.  I thought she was so close because she rocks on her knees, but no forward motion yet!  She is dying to figure it out though, and I'm sure it will happen before too long.

Big sister never ceases to entertain!  Grace is really into nursery rhymes and songs right now, and she likes to sing to Clara.

Things have been a bit crazy here.  No I really mean it this time!  Jason is working a lot right now, I'm getting ready for the student recital, and then late last week our water heater exploded.  Our basement is now a mess, but more on that later.  Jason is in the middle of a basement clean up project now, and on top of that we tried to celebrate my birthday a little.  I think we may have to celebrate a little more when things calm down a bit!

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