Friday, January 24, 2014

Ready for a Bed!

Grace has been sleeping in her crib almost since day one.  It has been nice that she is safe and not roaming the house at night!  Some people (cough cough Mom) have been gently suggesting that Grace might be ready for a real bed.  We plan to do that soon, but we've been a bit too busy to haul the family to the furniture store.  This morning she said to me, "I can get out on my own!"  She then threw a leg over the side and slid out.  She has probably been capable of it for quite some time, but it never occurred to her to try until today!  So before we get the real furniture, we put the convertible slide on her crib for her to use in the meantime.  And BOY is she excited about it!  

All evening she has been running in and out, making my students come in and check it out.  Hopefully nighttime will go smoothly tonight!