Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holiday Photos

Sweet Angel!

Or is it...

a devious ornament thief?!!

I think she is both!  She is DEFINITELY the latter.  We leave ONE in reach that isn't breakable so that my head doesn't explode telling her repeatedly to stop climbing the tree to get the ornaments.

These pictures look deliciously vintage to me.  Maybe it is because...

This dress is another wearable artifact from my past!  In this picture, I'm three years old, and this dress was worn in a wedding.  I think Gracie looks pretty adorable in it, which is why I decided it would be her holiday dress this year.  I was bound and determined to take a holiday photo with both of them in their dresses.  Sounds easy, right?  You people saying yes are probably not parents.

Jason says my expectations are just too high.  I thought a picture in front of the tree would be nice, and I was going to crop out the mess of toys in the background.  I didn't count how many pictures I took in this pose, but I can tell you that I got them all dressed up on three separate occasions trying to get ONE that met my requirement:  both girls smiling flatteringly at the camera.  This one is kind of cute, but it didn't make the cut.  Clara looks very sweet and joyful, but Grace is holding her toe for no reason and half smiling, half grimacing.

If one looks good, then the other did something weird.  Here, Clara is lunging forward trying to escape probably.  This one was a strong contender for a while actually.

Clara is pretty distracting.

It was mostly her clothes and accessories that were distracting.  Grace loves to pull her socks off, unzip sweaters, etc., so this headband was not long on Clara's head.

Clara just loves the attention from big sister, even if she ends up disrobed.

Then things got a little strange

and a little fierce.

  Oh, and I'm NOT going to show you the winning photo, but I will tell you that it is NOT in front of the Christmas tree, because I gave up!


  1. Grace looks just like you in that dress. Can't wait to see the one that made the final cut!

  2. I LOVE the ones of Grace touching Clara's headband (looks like sisterly love!), and of Clara cheesin while Grace roars at the camera. I know what I would've chosen! Excited to see yours!