Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Through the Years

I made Grace's costume this year!  But before you see it, I thought I might show you some costumes that my Mom made for us.  

Rebecca, 1984

Wow, this one was scary!  I think it is that crazy make up and the excited look on my face!

Samantha and Rebecca, 1986

Sorry to drag you into this, Samantha, but we are too cute!

Rebecca, 1987

The famous crayon costume!

Rebecca, 1988

My messed up teeth make this one truly frightening.  Little ghosty, many years of braces are in your future.

Samantha and Rebecca, 1989

Samantha is an adorable Indian (Native American, please)!!

Samantha and Rebecca, 1990

Recycled costumes are the best!  I don't even know what I am though.  Maybe a gypsy?

Samantha and Rebecca, 1991

Every costume looks better with glittery ric rac trim!  

This year sticks out in my mind because of a disastrous event.  My mom's poodle skirt is pretty great, wouldn't you agree?  Well the day before Halloween, we went to a Halloween party at our church.  We felt peeled grapes in the dark and were told they were eyeballs, ate candy and even bobbed for apples.  It was a pretty fun party.  Someone also came up with the genius idea that we should paint (not carve) pumpkins.  In our costumes.  Now before we go further, I have to say that it is obvious that my mom put a lot of effort into Halloween each year.  We decided what we wanted to be, and she made it happen with a trip to the fabric store and her sewing machine.  After making only one costume so far, I now realize this is a lot of work!  So you can imagine how my mom must have felt when I came home from the church party with paint ALL over my poodle skirt.  She stayed up a long time picking the paint off of the skirt so I could wear it on Halloween.  And this is why Grace is not wearing her costume until Halloween, and why you will not see it before hand. 

So stay tuned for the costume reveal! 


  1. Aw, your costumes were all awesome! Such love there!