Monday, June 10, 2013

One Week Old!

Clara is one week old today!

So far, recovery for me has been a bit harder.  For one thing, rest is more difficult with a toddler demanding attention.  Grammy and Jason are doing wonderfully helping me out, but some things are still a challenge.  This morning, Grace wanted attention from ME but Clara needed to eat.  I feel badly about this and I hope in the future Grace will let me read books and things with her during feedings.  

Grace goes back and forth between being excited and thoughtful with her baby sister, and jealous and cranky.  I can certainly understand, and I imagine it will take some time for the family dynamic to settle in.  Clara is not sleeping much at night and that is exhausting for us all.  We're hoping that turns around ASAP!   

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  1. Beautiful family you have there! And that is one big baby!