Thursday, May 2, 2013

Playdates with Avery

Finally, some time outdoors!  Also, some playdates with best friend Avery.

They have so much fun playing together!

Spontaneous hugs are so sweet.

They both begged to go outside!  Something about that sunshine calls to toddlers.  Or maybe it is the leaves and sticks to throw around that entices them, I don't know.  

They don't stay still for very long, but I think I still got some good shots!

This one is just too funny.  Grace was talking about baby sister in Mommy's belly, hence the finger in the button.  I think it looks like a cd album cover.  Jason thinks it looks like a jean advertisement.  Whatever it is, it makes us laugh!

And a short silly video too!  It is hard to take videos these days because as soon as she starts doing something cute or funny and we take out the camera, she instantly stops what she is doing and asks excitedly to see the video.  She mentions Super Grover because she talks about him all the time right now.  


  1. Grace and Avery are lucky to be such great friends!!

  2. I really want these girls and my boy running around my backyard while we mamas indulge in margaritas. Or maybe, by the time you are drankin again....spiked hot chocolate. :)