Monday, April 22, 2013


I haven't been very prolific with my postings.  It has been busy of course, like I always say, and it has also been cold and rainy.  I actually personally enjoy the rainy days, but I have a different perspective now because a rainy day means a cooped up toddler inside, driving me crazy with constant requests to go outside.  I can't even say the word outside because she then starts in on the volume escalating "outside, outsiiiiide, OUTSIDE!"  So I guess we're hoping for some dry days soon!

I thought I would post a couple new belly pics.  This one is 33 weeks along.

This one is me at 33 weeks posing with a pineapple.  My weekly pregnancy email said that my baby is about the weight of a pineapple this week, and we just happened to have one sitting on the counter, so I was inspired.

And here is today, 35 weeks!  Is there REALLY still a month of this left?!  Doesn't look like there is, does it?


  1. Tell that baby to wait til I get there!!

  2. You look beautiful! You can really see how she's grown by 35, too.