Monday, March 18, 2013

Surfacing for Air

I thought I'd surface for air and make an appearance!  I did my student recital yesterday and it feels like a big relief, but the busy time is far from over.  Next we have Easter time gigs and Jason's spring work schedule that has just exploded.  But one thing is checked off, and I'm very pleased that it went well. 

25 weeks

27 or 28 weeks (forgot to write it down but it was around my birthday)

And today, 30 weeks!  I'm getting huge already and the baby is moving around a lot.  My feet hurt even before I get out of bed in the morning, getting up from sitting on the floor is difficult, and I'm organizing places in our house like crazy.  These are the typical complaints, but they are happening sooner than I experienced them last time.  I think, anyway!  

Grace and Avery are learning to play together!  Grace gets a little territorial with her toys sometimes, but the crises don't last long.

In general, they have a blast hanging out together.  This day, we told Grace that Avery was coming over in a couple hours, and she barely left the window watching for her! 

They were really enjoying hiding behind this curtain, kissing and tickling each other!


  1. Love the little toes peeking out from behind the curtain!

  2. That last picture is frame-worthy! I laughed out loud looking at it. :D I'm so glad the recital went well!