Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Words and More Words

Wow it has been too long since I last posted.  Jason has a lot on his plate right now.  He has been working really hard on the bathroom, work starts up tonight for him, and he had his 31st birthday last week so we've also been trying to celebrate a little.  

This morning Grace spent a good half hour getting in and out of this basket filled with her stuffed animals.  

This is a little odd, but her new favorite thing for the last couple days is this plastic water bottle.  She wants it first thing when she gets up and it has to sit with her while she eats lunch.  I guess it makes funny sounds when you crinkle it and when the water sloshes around inside.  

She is talking up a storm now.  I stopped counting her words when I reached 50!  Some of the words only we understand.  For example, she says "mup" when she means up, "dat" means that and "yogie" means yogurt.  I love it when she says banana because she usually adds some extra syllables.  Banananananana!

Jason needed the air compressor in the bathroom this afternoon.  He discovered that since there are holes in the ceiling now, he doesn't have to lift it up the stairs!  

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