Tuesday, April 17, 2012

9 Months Old!

Our sweet baby is 9 months old already.  She is getting so big!

She is pulling herself up on the coffee table constantly and enjoys dropping whatever she grabs on the floor.  We have to be careful what we leave on the table!

She can even stand with only one hand for support!  She is starting to take a few steps while standing.  She is especially motivated to take some steps if she can reach my cell phone.

One thing that hasn't changed is she still thinks Daddy is hilarious!


  1. Is it too early to get her a phone of her own?

  2. haha don't give her any ideas :)

  3. You have the happiest little girl! Definitely the happiest baby on the block, so good job! :D

  4. What a doll face!!! Little Miss Grace just changes so much from day to day!