Wednesday, March 14, 2012

8 Months Old!

Time is just flying to us.  I keep thinking how her 1 year old birthday will be here before I know it!  This is a really busy time of year for us, but I didn't want to leave you all hanging without some new pictures of Grace.
Everyone knows that cats are a big deal in my side of the family, and Grace is following suit.  We know cats are a big deal to her too because she gets VERY excited when she sees one.  Our cat Tosca knows to stay juuuust out of reach, but she likes to be admired from afar.  Grace has a stuffed kitty that she sleeps with every night that she just adores.  "Cat" is also one of her words, but we don't know if she is just saying the sounds or if she actually knows what it means.  So anyway, this little pink jumper with embroidered kitties is perfect for her!  
Sometimes we babysit our friend's baby, Avery.  Grace and Avery are very much into each other, and they are "mandatory friends" as Erica says.  They like to reach out and touch each other's faces and grab toys from each other.  Luckily neither seems to care about an occasional finger in the eye and both are excellent at sharing.  I had high hopes for this pose, but sadly it is really impossible to get a picture of two smiling babies plus a flattering husband shot, so this is what I have.  Both girls look a little dismayed at my wild dancing and waving.  Sorry sweeties, hope it wasn't too traumatizing!


  1. Cute! I can hardly believe she's already eight months old!

  2. Love her toothy grin! She looks so happy.