Friday, February 10, 2012

Batten Down the Hatches!

I caught Grace creeping on camera!  I saw her doing it earlier this morning, so I got the camera out and got down on the floor with her, trying to recreate the moment.  I took a bunch of videos like this one trying to get her to come to mommy but failing miserably.  Even the enticing Tosca couldn't get her to do it. Since when is Grace camera shy?
So of course, after I gave up and sat on the couch for some internet time, I spied this sneaky girl making her way to the fireplace!  It wasn't mommy or Tosca that enticed her to scoot, it was a hazardous death trap!  We are so excited about this milestone.
We're in for it now I think!  I'm looking forward to my new workout routine.  It involves lots of dashing around the house.