Thursday, September 22, 2011

Grace Vs. Grace

MY grandparents visited this weekend from Tucson!  They drove all that way to meet little Gracie, and she did not disappoint.  I think both Graces were pleased to meet each other.
We had lots of fun sitting around, visiting and playing together. 
Grace gives GG a high five!

Grace enjoyed playing with Great Grandpa too!
I really can't decide which pictures are my favorites so you get them all!  
Even Lotte had some fun playing with Grace.  Grace did a good job sharing!  

I can't imagine what it must feel like to be a Great Grandparent.  I asked them several times and they just said "Great!".  From the looks of it, that must be pretty accurate.  The visit was short but very precious to all of us! 

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  1. So sweet, are so blessed and fortunate to have your Grandparents around. Thank you for sharing them! I'm sorry we missed Jason's birthday -- I hope it was wonderful!