Monday, January 24, 2011

Bliss in the Bedroom at Last

We have been living without night stands in our bedroom ever since we moved upstairs.  We do have perfectly good night stands in our guest room, but I don't like them anymore.  Well, they don't go with my romantic/relaxing vision of our bedroom decor.  I made the decision that I'd rather live without night stands than with night stands I don't like.  Jason has been unhappy about this decision because he doesn't really care what the night stands look like, but he would like to have one because he sleeps on the far side of the room.  Usually, I make it into bed first, and he has has to turn off the light and stumble around the bed in the dark, since without end tables, we are also without bedside lamps.  I acknowledge this is totally unfair to Jason, and I've been looking for suitable replacements.  Of course, I want something specific, something a bit more slight since our bedroom is pretty small as it is.  Everything I find that I like is at least $200 apiece, and I'm way too cheap to spend that much on bedroom furniture.  There are almost no night stands on craigslist either, so this has been a long search.  So it was pretty exciting when I saw two MATCHING (that is another prerequisite of said new night stands) night stands that I did NOT hate!  I called to Jason yesterday from the office about them, and he was really excited before he even saw them.  "How much are they?  $30 for both?  Let's go get them!"  He insisted we drive downtown on Sunday, even though not all the roads had been plowed yet after Saturday's big dump, because he was that excited.  
 Pretty simple I know, but we're both happy now and that is all that matters!  Not bad for $30, don't you think? Now I need to find lamp shades for these lamps, since I no longer like these either!  I suppose I can live with them for a while...
That lump in the bed is my new body pillow, and I LOVE it!  I don't know how to make the bed with it, however.  It looks like someone is sleeping under there, or maybe I'm hiding a pile of dirty clothes.  Jason loves it too, and sometimes steals it from me while we sleep.  I think he should get his own!  I don't think you have to be pregnant to enjoy the wonders of sleep with a full body pillow. 

I have other things I'd like to blog about, but I know it will be a couple of weeks most likely before I blog again.  This week, there is scheduling difficulties at the store, which will mean many hours of overtime for us both, and next week we are both playing in the pit of a college musical.  Free time should be non existent. 


  1. The new nightstands look great! You can always crafty-it-up with the lampshades.

  2. Those look so nice and $30 is a steal. I loved my body pillow, too when I was pregnant with Claire. I used mine as a psuedo-bolster pillow when making the bed. :) How fun! Sounds like you are busy. I'll give you a call the week after next. Perhaps we can set something up!

  3. Hi Rebecca....
    I feel your "pain" with the whole nightstand
    dilemma....I too have been in the market for new bedside tables ever since we put down new
    carpeting! Your Uncle Buzz doesn't care what they look like ~ He, too, just wants something
    by the bed. Looks like by holding out, you were able to find what you really wanted. They look terrific...good for you. Glad to hear you stuck with your vision!!
    Hope you are feeling okay and not getting too tired. Take care Rebecca :)
    Aunt Diane