Monday, December 27, 2010

No More Unsightly Holes Part II

Whew!  We made it through another Christmas successfully.  If you've been wondering where I have been, I apologize.  The holidays can seriously stress me out, and I needed to focus my efforts on survival.  With our new found free time, we decided to start thinking about house projects again.  
This hole has existed in our otherwise fully functioning kitchen for going on 10 months now.  As far as I know, we have not lost anything down there! 
Jason tackles the hole with some hardie board while George Costanza looks on.  Jason bought that tv with the Christmas money from his uncle.  Thanks Lee!  
And tada!  This hardie board is certainly hardy.  When we FINALLY make a decision and pick some tile for the backsplash, the tile can go directly on this stuff.  In the meantime, we do not have to worry about losing a measuring cup to the black abyss of DIY remodel living. 

But the REAL reason why I have been neglecting my blogging is that I'm PREGNANT!  Anyone who reads this blog most likely already knows that, but it's fun to shout it from the blogosphere mountaintops.  I've basically been too exhausted the last couple months to do much of anything besides dragging myself through the things that I HAVE to do, so blogging and housework have fallen by the wayside a little bit.  Today I'm 12 weeks, so I'm hoping the second trimester will bring some of my enthusiasm back. 

So is this blog going to turn into a baby blog?  Probably, just warning you.  I still plan to make posts about DIY projects and other random things, but who am I kidding, are we really going to have much time for that stuff?  This blog is about the details of our day to day lives (that I choose to share with you all), and this is pretty much the most exciting thing that will be going on with us for a while!  So for my Mom and anyone else who cares, here is a picture of the belly!  
(Clearly I did not put much effort into my appearance today, but it is my day off.)  So there it is, 12 week belly.  I've had TWO people tell me I'm showing already.  That kind of bothers me.  I'm not ready to be fat, not yet!  I want to hold it off as long as I can.  I've definitely gained some weight, but I was hoping I could pull off carefree 20 something a little longer.  Gini and Jason say I'm not showing yet, but I think that is their job to say that.  Honestly though, looking at that picture, it isn't as bad as it feels.  I feel like a huge bloated blimp, and that looks like maybe I wasn't sucking in for this picture.  But I was!


  1. Baby blog - yay! My thoughts are you aren't truly showing until you realize that you no longer can get away with wearing your old jeans with the button undone. I was still wearing all my regular clothes until about 20 weeks. At that point, I hit A Pea in the Pod/Motherhood Maternity and bought some maternity clothes. Old Navy was also good for that and despite what people think of Old Navy, I loved their maternity clothes and they are still in good shape. Get plenty of rest, though. You will need it . . .TRUST ME!!!! We are just thrilled for you and Jason! :)

  2. No WAY-- if you were showing, I would tell you! You are skinny as all get-out and that picture proves it!

    (I can't wait to meet the little Strom.) <3

  3. Lies! You are absolutely not showing. I'm your sister, it's my job to be honest. No belly bump yet!

    (ps. Dad's silly iPad won't let me sign in to post, so this anonymous post is your sister...I mean that was obvious from my comment but still.)

  4. Thanks guys, you're all the best for the self esteem!