Sunday, November 7, 2010

Don't Feed the Wildlife (unless a fat lady already is)

Our summer trip pictures have offered quite a lot of blog posting material, and today's post is no different.  While RVing with Jon and Roberta, we happened to camp next to a middle aged lady and her mentally disabled adult son.  One evening while we were dining on some wonderful macaroni and cheese (with pine nuts!), the son came over and pounded on our door.  He wanted us to come out and see the deer in our camp!  
This lady was feeding the deer an entire loaf of white bread.  When I came out with my camera, the lady said "your friends are going to wonder who that fat chick in your pictures is!"  So true!  I never got her name, but she is forever immortalized in my blog.  It's like being famous! 
Here I am, smug as can be because I get to stand so close to a deer.  This picture is funny because it looks like the deer is nibbling my boob but in reality it is just scarfing the terrible white bread. 
I know this is bad because it is horrible for the deer in several ways, but I figured that lady was going to continue feeding the deer the entire loaf of white bread, whether I participated or not.  I definitely would not feed wildlife of my own volition unless it was a bag of feed that you purchase for $10 from a state park employee.  These poor deer were already doomed to a stomach ache.  But her velvety lips tickled my fingers, and look how cute she is!
 Jason and I got to scratch her fuzzy head and she totally didn't care as long as the other hand had disgusting white bread in it!


  1. That's hilarious! You have some fun stories that's for sure! Looking forward to tomorrow night.

  2. It's still AWESOME! I've never been that close to a deer before! And I totally thought that about the smug picture, before scrolling down and reading your caption. Snicker!