Sunday, October 17, 2010

Decorating Neurosis

So this may be surprising to those of you familiar with my weekly schedule, but I think I may have too much time on my hands.  Last weekend I created these:
I must admit that I got this idea from the Hyvee Seasons catalog that I get for free in the mail, and I was so giddy with excitement when I saw them there was no stopping me!  I spray painted a bunch of funky looking gourds and probably spent an hour bedazzling them by hand with rhinestones and a glue gun. When I picked them out of the bin at the store, this socially awkward looking man came over to rifle through the bin also, but really he was just trying to talk to me.  He kept asking me dumb questions about what you do with them.  You look at them, of course!  Then I kept running into him inside the store, and he would comment on the fact that I was buying SO MANY useless pumpkins.  He was clearly not good at picking up people.  
I also made this table runner.  I know it is kind of wide for a table runner, but I didn't know what else to do with the fabric I bought.  It is a bit worrying to me how much joy I get from doing these crafty projects!  Jason does not seem worried, however, so that is a relief.  
I also purchased this wheat wreath in honor of fall.  I could go crazy buying home accents but I try to reel it in. 
I've complained about the ugliness of the wicker on the porch the entire time we've lived here, and finally while my parents were visiting, we decided to tear it off.  Here is the before picture.  
And here is the after.  No one has noticed enough to comment, but it makes me breathe a sigh of relief that it is gone.  True, you can see the peeling paint of the cement underneath now, but a wicker free porch is worth it.  Plus, it wasn't even real wicker, it was wicker like plastic, which seems even worse somehow.  Anne gave me that pumpkin for the porch and I love it, what a great gift!  Anne is probably the best gift giver ever.  You rock, Anne! 


  1. It does make a nice difference!! Looking good! :)

  2. LOVE the pumpkins and gourds. Very cool!