Sunday, August 15, 2010

Naked Ladies and Under Cabinet Lighting

Jason installed the under cabinet lighting in our kitchen! 
Who knew this would require body contorting?  
I think it really adds a lot the the ambience in the kitchen.  Unfortunately, it also draws attention to the glaringly bare wall without a back splash.  This seems to be the natural order of things when it comes to home improvement!   Most likely, by the time we get around to updating every single thing in the house it will be time to start redoing everything. 
The Naked Ladies in our front yard are blooming!  They are called Naked Ladies because the green leaves completely wither away before the single flower stalk emerges much later in the summer.  I planted some other things in this flower bed behind them so it didn't look so, well, naked. 
What's best about Naked Ladies is that they attract hummingbird moths!  I've seen some incredibly crazy looking bugs here in Nebraska.  While I would count this as a reason why I love Nebraska, the fact that the crazy bugs are accompanied by a large quantity of mosquitoes and other undesirables probably cancels this out in my love/not love relationship with Nebraska.  Anyway, this variety is called the White-lined Sphinx, and it really does flap its wings like a hummingbird and drink nectar from flowers!  We saw these for the first time in our backyard with Gini and Eric, and we debated whether it was actually a moth or not.  Turns out that it is definitely a moth, and I am totally enthralled by this creature! 


  1. Beautiful pictures, Rebecca! And the house looks so charming! Love it all!

    So good to see you the other day. Sorry I had to dash off, but I look forward to seeing you Friday.

  2. That bug is insane! Is it a moth?! Is it a hummingbird?!

  3. Beautiful Pictures...I really like the Under Cabinet Lighting Great Job...