Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day 58

One small step toward eradicating the pink! 

The color is called Homestead Resort Pumpkin, whatever that means.  It is a little hard to see the true color from this picture, but it is a golden yellow.  And actually this is the tinted primer, so perhaps it will look a little different when we get the next coat up.  I'm really digging it! 

This picture shows it a little better.  I've never painted before, and I did this pretty much by myself.  I quit before I painted the ceiling, so we'll do that tomorrow most likely.  

Floor progress!  We're actually a little stuck on that right now.

We don't know how to transition the bedroom existing hardwoods to the new hardwoods in the hallway.  Any suggestions?  We won't be able to continue until we figure it out. 


  1. What a pretty color! I like that it's such a delicate yellow.

  2. yay, thanks! Choosing colors is not easy!